About Us - Company Profile

About Us - Company Profile

HealthTechnicsÔ Company Overview

About Us - Company Profile

HealthTechnics is a privately held, venture-backed company whose mission is to provide software and data tools that enable organizations to target, monitor, and improve health management programs. The company is pioneering clinically intelligent solutions that address a critical need in today''s healthcare setting: providing payors and employers with technology to implement effective patient-centric and evidence-based programs to improve the health and the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services for member populations.

The HealthTechnics’ management team has worked successfully together for over 10 years in the health information systems and services arena. The same core team previously helped develop O’PIN Systems from its inception to a market leader provider of enterprise-wide decision support systems for managed care. O’PIN Systems was acquired by United Health Group in June 1997.

HealthTechnics is addressing an estimated $1.5B healthcare market opportunity. Payors and employers have been seeking to implement effective health and disease management programs to improve the cost and quality of care for managed populations. The task is complex, as they must collect and organize data from disparate systems and then process the information using clinically intelligent and statistically sophisticated tools to identify at risk populations and plan members for individualized health management interventions.

HealthTechnics has developed a proprietary data architecture utilizing episodically enhanced medical and health status data which provides the foundation for an entire suite of products and services for personalized and evidence- based medicine.

Historically health management program designers and vendors have wanted to develop highly customized solutions tailored to their individual requirements. However Payors and Employers require enterprise-wide solutions that leverage standardized data access, enhancement, and reporting methodologies and tools. HealthTechnics products are specifically designed to provide these organizations with standardized, clinically relevant, and statistically sound components to support initiatives across the entire health and disease management continuum. HealthTechnics also provides the consulting and support services to enable these organizations to integrate our tools and data architecture into their environments.

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