Weight Loss Diets: Better Choices for Salad Dressing

Weight Loss Diets: Better Choices for Salad Dressing

If you are like most people you love your veggies and creamy dressing for a snack. When you think of eating healthy, you think salads and veggies are a good choice, but not when doused in thick, fatty dressing.

Salad dressings are now being made in spray bottles, these are a healthier choice over the creamy, fatty dressings that many people slather on to their salads. These tasty alternatives can save you more calories than you realize

One option is to try salad dressings made with balsamic vinegar. You can make your own at home using one part oil to one part vinegar. You can also add other seasonings for taste, to make it just like you want it

While olive oil and flaxseed oil have fat and calories, they are a healthy source of fat that your body needs. In fact, flaxseed oil is used by so many organs of your body that it''s almost impossible for it to be converted into fat cells.

Another ingredient you can use to spice up your salads is citrus juices. These are all natural and provide no notable caloric increase.

You can choose the salad dressings that come in a spray bottle and you can also use vinaigrette dressings to save calories. Stay away from low fat or fat-free versions of your favorite creamy dressings. Many times these are just as bad as the regular version because they are loaded with fat and sugar

When you are trying to break old dining habits, try ordering the dressing on the side of your salad. You will find this is an easy way to cut calories.

Dip the tines of your fork in the dressing before putting the veggies on it. You''ll get a little dressing with each bite, but you won''t use nearly the same amount as if you pour it all over the salad. In fact, you''ll be surprised at the great flavor and the small amount of dressing you actually need to feel satisfied. Download our excellent free report at Weight Loss Insider! Or check out our reviews on the top 7 Weight Loss Programs

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