Top 3 Reasons for Plastic Surgery during Winter and Spring!

Top 3 Reasons for Plastic Surgery during Winter and Spring!

Thinking about going under the knife, but not sure when the best time for plastic surgery may be? The winter and spring months are some of the most popular times for Medical Tourism, so you may want to book a consultation now. Here are some reasons why:

1. Recovery is easier.

Many people are hesitant to undergo procedures like breast augmentation or a tummy tuck because of the time it takes to recover. However, if you are going to be taking it easy and mainly indoors for a few days, the cold, winter months might be a better choice. Once you return from your trip and are able to go outside and move around again, wearing layers of clothes or accessories to hide any post-surgery garments, dressings or scars would be completely normal.

2. A great reason to “disappear” for a few days…

Do you know people who take time off to do things around town and spend some much deserved time relaxing in their homes? If you have a stressful job or life and have been thinking about having a procedure, this could be the perfect opportunity to have a “disappearing act” to have your surgery and recover. Staying in Costa Rica for two weeks means your doctor is accessible for follow-up visits and you will have a staff of professionals to help.

3. The gift of beauty and care.

For many, the holidays are the best part of the winter season. It’s not uncommon to hear of couples giving each other the gift of plastic surgery as a present. Even if you don’t get a Medical Tourism Trip as a gift from someone else, there’s no reason you can’t treat yourself. After all of the chaos that the holiday shopping season brings, it’s great to give yourself a little treat to help minimize stress. If you are thinking of a procedure or would like to gift a friend or relative, be sure to contact us to get more information. The winter holidays will be brighter for everyone when safety is a top priority.

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