S-Rock Erectile Re-function

S-Rock Erectile Re-function

Ladies, how many of you are familiar with your male partner’s medical prescriptions and health issues? Subjects once thought taboo are emerging for discussion with positive results.

Male enhancement has been an expanding market for years with estimates for profits in 2015 reaching $4.4 billion in worldwide markets. But what is this male enhancement market that is crossing the planet, and what does it mean for women?

Often women are unaware of the fact that, for men with health-related issues, erections are only possible with male enhancement pills. For years this market has been dominated by false products or by products that inflict extremely painful and unpleasant side effects. Many women never know that, as their partner seeks pleasure, he substitutes problems of erectile dysfunction for those of pain induced by medical or herbal products with claims to help symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.

So far, the commercial male enhancement pill market has consisted of products manufactured by large pharmaceutical corporations, with smaller companies competing by distributing dietary supplements (usually foreign-made) as herbal remedies. Herbal remedies have been used in traditional medical therapy for thousands of years and are now emerging in the male enhancement market with extraordinary results. Many of the so called “natural” male enhancements available today use modifications of Sildenafil Citrate (used in Viagra® and Cialis®) in their formulas. These ingredients can result in the physical side effects of massive pain to the user’s right frontal brain lobe when administered in doses over 650 milligrams. In addition, many carry warning labels that state that if a user has nitrates in his body, he should consult a physician. What will his doctor provide? A prescription for something that might work for him costs $90 for three pills that might produce a few days of sex.

The large retail outlets want low cost. They don’t care about quality. Therefore, many over-the-counter natural male enhancement products are ineffective. Until now, men have suffered in silence. However, as subjects of this nature emerge and we become more comfortable discussing them, reliable online retail stores have brought quality products to the industry of natural male enhancement. In 2013, technology is changing the male enhancement pill market.

By chemically modifying the substance icariin, the active ingredient purified from the horny goat weed extract, scientists have obtained a derivative with activity similar to Sildenafil ( contained in Viagra and Cialas) with potentially fewer side effects. Pharmacologists then combine this chemically modified icariin with other herbal ingredients, thus creating healthy alternatives to the expensive, mass-produced male enhancement products currently offered on the pharmaceutical market.

These herb al products are manufactured in FDA-compliant facilities in the USA under strict standards of Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). Mold tests are provided to ensure product safety and reliability.

Ladies, your men would (and probably have) taken cardboard if it was claimed to solve problems associated with ED! If your man has diabetes, hypertension, pain, or takes cholesterol medications; is over 40; and/or uses alcohol, drugs, or steroids, he probably suffers from the effects of ED. Because of men’s often-sensitive emotions on this issue, frank discussions may not be possible. But, if you care about your man, visit

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